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for years now, BridgeStep drivers have been nicknamed BridgeSteppers and have been worn as a badge of honour for many drivers over the last 4 years since we started.

I am often asked, “why did you start an agency?”. There is no simple answer to this but I can tell you the basics. It was never about money, no one in their right mind would start an agency with zero financial backing, no marketing budget and no infrastructure. But I did! As a Transport Manager id dealt with agencies and agency drivers for years, I knew what annoyed me about agencies and how agency drivers were mostly viewed by companies that booked them and the full-time drivers. They had this view that agency drivers are unemployable and that’s why they were agency drivers, totally dismissing the fact that a majority of agency drivers worked this way because it suited their lifestyle and they liked the flexibility and variety of the work.

My idea was the create a ‘no bullshit’ agency and rather than being an agency, we were a company with a team of Professional and flexible drivers available for hire.

I wanted to show that agency drivers were just as good, if not better than full-time employees. I also wanted to change the view of how the agency companies are perceived. As a Transport Manager, I was frustrated with false promises, promises that couldn’t be delivered, offered names of drivers that weren’t even available only to cancel or change the name(S) later. This is where the ‘no bullshit’ comes in. I wanted to give a good honest service, offer the best quality drivers with 100% integrity.

I live by a code, treat people with courtesy, dignity and respect. That’s what BridgeStepping and being a BridgeSteppe is all about! We’ve had to kiss many frogs over the 4 years, but we have a superb team both in operations and out on the road delivering your goods.

BridgeStep Evolution.

We started out as a simple legal compliance consultancy and driver supplier, adding to our training department. We grew year on year but we decided to offer an additional service. We applied for our operator’s licence, starting out with a maximum of 4 vehicles. We have soon grown to 10 vehicles, operating daily all around the UK working for some of the UK’s largest companies, as well as Eire with our Republic of Ireland partners.

We are constantly looking at evolving, giving us the opportunity to offer more services, which we are currently in the process of putting into action, so we look forward to updating our customers and followers with where we are going next.

New Trackers, CCTV and Maintenance. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to health & safety and legal compliance, we have recently installed an upgraded camera (CCTV) and GPS tracking system. This not only allows us to monitor the whereabouts of our kit and the safety of our drivers, but it also allows us to monitor the performance of our vehicles and our delivery KPI’s for our customers.

Additionally, to that, we have recently brought in an independent vehicle maintenance technician to check out the quality of work of our contracted maintenance providers and to ensure our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards by carrying out spot checks and daily walk round checks additionally to the driver’s pre-use checks. We also have a tyre fitter that carries out regular tyre compliance checks, with authority to repair/change tyres in line with legal compliance and our company tyre policy.

We have also invested in height poles (checking heights of vehicles and trailers), tread depth gauges and started a parts storage trailer for any repairs required.

BridgeStep Online Shop.

We have recently launched a brand new webshop, supplying quality, well known branded legal compliance items at a very competitive rate. We are very pleased to offer superb service, with a quick turnaround on goods, all coordinated by Bethany McKnight. Each week, we will be offering discounts, sales and bulk order discounts to new and established customers.

This is a brand new part of our business and ever-expanding business portfolio.