Fleet Maintenance At Bridgestep LTD

At BridgeStep Ltd, we take legal compliance and vehicle roadworthiness seriously. This is why we employ the services of an external Transport Management Consultant (as well as having internal qualified staff) to ensure that we cast a second eye on our tacho analysis, vehicle files and maintenance planners. Additionally, we have an external maintenance vendor on site to carry out weekly maintenance checks and rectifications, between planned maintenance inspections with our contracted vendors. The checks are carried out each week to ensure vehicles are up to standard and roadworthy, this is in addition to drivers carrying out their daily checks. Our independent technician attends each Sunday to carry out a full fleet check and then attends site during the week to carry out interim checks.


We have an independent tyre maintenance fitter that carries out regular checks to keep on top of damage and wear. As part of our own internal checks, we have a digital tread depth gauge and record depths to keep on top of compliance.

We also use our qualifications, experience and contacts to help ensure our customers keep running and roadworthy. We carry out as many checks as possible, lubricating parts that require lubrication, check for air leaks and lights. We also clean reflectors, lenses and number plates to ensure they’re clear for dirt and visible.

We are currently launching the use of the ‘Extra Foot’ Device. This device allows drivers and the management to depress the foot brake to a point which pressurises the air tanks from the foot brake and also activates the foot brake lamps. By doing this, we can determine if a vehicle has an air leak and whether the brake lights are working. We have found this device to be a valuable tool.


We highly recommend this tool to any fleet operator and will be rolling it out as part of the daily check routine.