Haulage Division

The haulage division of our business has a primary objective of supporting our clients that have extra delivery volume requirements but also offer services to manufacturers and distribution companies.

We have a fleet of tractor units, trailers and skeletal trailers available for traction and or general haulage work. We have a number of close partners that can assist with international freight forwarding, customs clearance, temperature controlled work and more. We currently have 2 operating centres located very close to major motorway networks in the Northwest near Warrington and Wigan (North).

Both operating centres have secure parking for loaded trailers.

We record and monitor KPI’s to ensure excellent customer service. Our POD tracker / recording sheets allow us to keep track of POD’s received (through effective driver debriefing), when scanned and when sent back to the customer. We have a 24hr turnaround for POD’s.

We have the facility to use the Peelports vehicle booking systems.

haulage suply